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Richard Breitman: Himmler And The Final Solution

André Brissaud: Canaris

Joachim Fest: Plotting Hitler's Death

Gerald Flemming: Hitler And The Final Solution

Heinz Höhne: Canaris

David A. Johnson: Righteous Deception

R. Manvel and H. Fraenkel: The Canaris Conspiracy

Peter Padfield: Himmler - Reichführer-SS

Walther Schellenberg: The Schellenberg Memoirs

Dr. John P. Teschke: "Hitler's Legacy"

Charles Whiting: Heydrich, Henchman Of Death

Robert Wistrich: Who's Who In Nazi Germany
Oregon State University History Department website
The Secrets of War website
The German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler - www.joric.com


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  • Humor as a defense mechanism

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